5 Reasons To Choose Mobileyes For Your Eyewear Needs


After a busy morning of follow up phone calls, e-mails, and looking for new ways to make our company that much more awesome, I figured I’d take a quick break and outline why Mobileyes (in my opinion) is the best decision you’ll make when it comes to shopping for your eyewear needs.

choosing eyeglasses that best suit you
1. We’re focused on YOUR experience.
Before we were delivering your vision, we were delivering someone else’s. After years of working under different private and corporate optical companies and attending thousands of different “sales strategy” seminars, we realized that not a single one of these companies focused on the most important person in the room, you!

We made sure that Mobileyes would be a different optical company that’s focused solely on you, our client. Every frame we choose is hand-selected with you in mind and we also make it a point to meet at your desired location, on your time! Lastly, instead of just pointing you to the overwhelming amount of gender specific selection of frames to get lost in, we sit down with you and conduct a one-on-one eyewear consultation to make sure you find that perfect pair of new eyes!

planting trees
2. We give back.
Winston Churchill said it best, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” We took this idea to heart while designing Mobileyes and made it a point to partner with small, independent frame brands that have some sort of philanthropic mission.

Whether your purchase supports animal rescue adoption through the Pixie Project or plants a tree on your behalf, we made sure that somehow, your experience gave back to a cause in need. Like our Fetch and Eco partners, Proof, Waveborn, Modo, Made, and Solo eyewear are a few more of our brand partners that share a similar charitable mission.

delivering your glasses
3. We deliver; literally & figuratively.
As if arriving with an outstanding shopping experience wasn’t enough, once your new glasses are ready, we return to deliver them right to you! Again, you choose a location and time and we arrive with all the tools and know-how to make proper fitting adjustments if necessary. All our frames include a one-year manufacturers warranty and our anti-reflective coatings include an unmatched one- or two-year warranty. We pride ourselves on delivering quality, reliable eyewear.

san diego downtown
4. We’re small & local.
Although our vision and concept could likely do some amazing things in any area, we’ve decided to focus on our local communities and the people that share our passion. Founded in beautiful San Diego, California, we strive to promote other local businesses and spread the entrepreneurial spirit that drives us everyday. As we grow, we’d love to take our concept on the road to deliver our vision services to everyone, but rest assured that we will always be an independent, optician-owned company.

mobileyes van
5. We love what we do!
Above all else, we have a passion for the product, service, and experience that we provide. Many of our patient relationships evolve into lasting friendships while our business partnerships become symbiotic chemistry. We could have been just another optical shop, doing exactly what everyone else does, but where’s the fun in that?

I could turn this into a top 10 list very easily, but I’m sure I’ve violated proper blog etiquette by now. I’ll close by inviting you to give us a call and allowing us to show you just how awesome we really are! ☺