Golf Sunglasses – Everything About Golf Glasses


According to the International Golf Federation, a version of the game started around 100BC. The Romans used a bent stick to hit around a leather stuffed ball on a field, but the origins of the modern game as we know it began around the 15th century. Since then, the golf and its technology has improved; shoes, clubs, clothing, and eyewear (as well as skill) is critical to a successful game.

Most golfers I know head to the store and get a set of polarized wrap-around sunglasses to help them during their game. While I’m a huge fan of polarized sunglasses and use them every day, the correct golf sunglasses or golf glasses are critical to understanding what you need to see on the fairway.

Polarized lenses and polarized progressive glasses will inhibit a player from “reading the greens” or being able to understand when a slope is more of a hill, and so on. (Here’s a great article by Golf Digest that goes into the art of reading the greens.) The polarized filter blocks surface glare, and thusly causing dips and curves to appear more flat than they really are. The progressive feature gives great distance and mid-range, but the reading section will block a player from being able to putt when they glance straight down. If you only have two pairs (polarized glasses and regular eyeglasses), keep using your regular glasses for any technical hits you’ll need

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The opticians here at Mobileyes believe that the best lens feature for your golf glasses are actually Transitions. They’re not polarized, and they adjust to the light you have around you. So if it’s a cloudy day, they’ll be less dark and more so on a bright one. Anti-reflective coatings and a sturdy frame (wrap style or even your own frame) would complete the pair perfectly.

If you’re a progressive lens user, then you’ll need to use a golf-friendly progressive. Definity Lenses, available through the Mobileyes program has developed the perfect lens. They have the distance you’ll need for your drive, the mid-range for picking the perfect club, and a reading section for that score card. However, most progressive users have problems in the putting area. Definity has designed these lenses to have a clearer section toward the very bottom of the frame (under the reading section) to allow the user to see the ground below! You’re finally allowed to use your progressives for putting. Couple this with Transitions and an anti-reflective coating, and you’re set for the greens.

Remember, the right equipment will improve your game; that’s why you buy nice clubs and shoes. You should also realize your a great set of golf sunglasses is a piece of that gear as well.