Question & Answer

A: We start by making an appointment with you which can be done by giving us a call or filling in the form on our main page. Once that’s complete we’ll agree on a convenient time and location and arrive with frames for your choosing.  Once you pick a frame you love we’ll go over lens options that will suit your needs, take precise measurements, collect a payment and you’re all done! We deliver the glasses upon completion. It’s that simple.
A: We do require a valid prescription from a licensed eye doctor; we cannot provide you with the prescription. You’re welcome to visit any doctor of your choosing or one from our network of affiliated doctors.
A: Absolutely. We have a safety frame and lens program and can offer it to one employee or design group discounts for the entire business. We even stock sports use frames for kids and adults. All ANSI regulated and all come with warranties.
A: Always. No job is too big or too small. Privately sold safety glasses still come with warranties and ANSI regulated lenses and frames.
A: Yup! Most eyewear shops do not want to use your old frame because they want you to buy their frames! We have no problem with using your favorite pair. We can use any frame (new or used) that is designed to hold a prescription. We can even use your beloved pair of sunglasses. Used frames will have to be inspected to make sure they are still strong enough to survive the lab process, of course.
A: Mobileyes works perfectly for the parent on the go. We carry a collection of children’s glasses as well as sport safety and sunglasses. Mobileyes has package programs for children that will scratch their glasses that parents LOVE.
A: We are an out-of-network provider for all major vision plans. This means you pay for the glasses initially and then we calculate your out-of-network benefits. Mobileyes will submit a reimbursement claim to your insurance. Your insurance company will then mail you a check as long as you haven’t used your benefits for the year.
A: We are set up for all major credit cards, paypal, checks, and cash. You can even use your company flexible health spending cards with us!
A: Always – the more you buy the greater the discount. We even offer awesome family and group pricing benefits.
A: We will email or call when they’re ready. It’s up to you when and where you’d like to retrieve them. We can meet at the original appointment location or a new one. Convenience is our bottom line.
A: Yes! We are proud to announce our contact lens program. We offer overnight shipping and super competitive pricing. Click on our contact lens link to get started today.