Contact lenses or Glasses: Which Are Better For You?


Contact Lenses or Glasses – Which should you choose?

Did you know that Mobileyes has been approved for contact lens sales??  This is great news for us and great news for your wallet because we concentrated on being the lowest prices in town. But which is better for you anyway?  Should you use contact lenses or glasses?  Let’s go into that…

Some benefits are that glasses are easy; you wake up, you slap them on, and go through your day.  You can’t get easier than that.  They’re finally fashionable and look great.  We see celebrities wearing them more often and the styles and colors available are incredible in comparison to not even five years ago. However there are some downsides – mattering on your prescription they can get a bit pricey and heavy.  We always have solutions for this problem, but because of safety regulations in the United States we cannot make them as thin as paper.  Glasses can also get out of adjustment or dirty – again, easily remedied by calling your friendly Mobileyes optician, but not something people enjoy about glasses.

So what about contact lenses?  Some of the benefits are clear (get it?).  You can wear any sunglass you choose.  No more getting one or two in prescription and having to worry about them as much.  You can be dressy – I find this fact debatable because I think it looks awesome to have your suit on and rock some awesome glasses, but some people believe to be dressy you shouldn’t wear them.  Meh.  I think people can look great either way.  Downsides to contact lenses is that they’re not easy – you have to concentrate on keeping them clean, keeping your case clean, and remembering to change them on schedule.  If you forget they’re not forgiving – they can rip or give you an infection if not properly taken care of.  You also have to learn how to put them in your eye.  Some people are really freaked out by that fact.. so find out if you’re phobic to sticking your eye before looking into getting some! And you do need a separate prescription from your doctor to have contact lenses.

With all this being said – what’s better?  Truth – there is no answer! Sometimes it’s great to wear your glasses and be that awesome hipster you always knew you were – sometimes you’re just feeling lazy and don’t want to deal with contacts today, and sometimes you want to let those pearly blues shine.  We say be yourself  – whichever you decide Mobileyes can help supply you with whatever you need.