The Difference Between Bifocal and Progressive Lenses


Bifocal, Progressive; Which is Better?

At Mobileyes, we’re all about clarity – your vision should be clear, and you should understand what your options are. Our clients ask about the differences between a bifocal and progressive lenses. They’re two very different things.

A bifocal lens has a sideways “D” reading segment on the lens towards the bottom of the lens. These lenses only supply you with two different “visions”. When usually designed, the be distance at the top and near/reading towards the bottom as depicted below.


Whats awesome about bifocals – these lenses can be custom made to be used as specialty glasses. The top can be computer and bottom be reading, or top becoming computer and bottom being reading. The combinations continue and make for a great specific tool for your daily life. Downsides of this lens is that they do have the obvious sideways “D” segment at the bottom of the lens that reminds you of grandpa’s glasses, and some people get distracted by the line. However, it’s still a widely used lens option and can be cheaper than a progressive multifocal.

Progressive lenses are the newest in the multifocal technologies. Progressive lenses, also considered “no line bifocals” can give the look of a single vision lens, yet have more use than a bifocal. They actually offer three different visions as shown in the diagram below:


Usually distance at the top, computer or arm’s length distance in the middle, and reading at the bottom. Just like a bifocal, the prescription can be edited so you can have whatever vision you need in whichever space is best for you. Downsides would be that they’re more expensive than a bifocal, you usually need a larger lens size to make them fit, and they have an adjustment period. But don’t let that scare you away; as long as you’re a patient person, you should have no problem getting used to them.

Both lens types are available in Transitions (bifocals technically are not Transition branded, but called “Photochromic”. Literally the same thing, just from a different company), and both

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can have the full range of options like anti-reflective coatings, scratch coatings, high/mid index, so on.

Any questions? Feel free to visit our Q&A or message

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