5 Benefits of Wearing Glasses


Eyeglasses are becoming more popular than ever

I’m sure you see more celebrities wearing them, people are buying multiple pairs to go with certain moods or outfits, the list goes on.  So what are the main 5 benefits of wearing glasses?

1. They can look great.  Eyewear has changed; it’s become more interesting, fashionable, and no longer considered an ugly medical device.  Certain popular styles can enhance facial features, and really add to an outfit or personality.

2. Features.  More now than ever, eyewear technology has progressed to levels people never dreamed of.  Transition lenses now get darker and lighter than ever before. Polarized lenses for sunglasses now come in more colors (brown and gray of course, but now G15 and many others). Anti-reflective coatings are now scratch resistant whereas before they were delicate and smudged easily.  Lens types are now thinner and lighter than ever before.  High index designs can finally make high prescription patients comfortable in their eyewear by making lenses thin like they’ve always wanted.  Not to mention progressive and bifocals jumping in the new-technology game.  Lots of the technology described above came out too soon for the general public, but now all these features are better and stronger than ever.

3. Your Sight. Of course – your sight.  With great styles and features, you no longer need to be embarrassed in your glasses.  No matter if you need the all the time, computer use only, night driving – you can have an affordable pair that you’re not embarrassed of and actually see.  Concept – I know.

4. Protection.  Safety is always a concern.  By wearing glasses daily, you can protect your eyes from not only dust and dirt, but also the sun’s damaging UV rays.  We have discovered by wearing a UV blocker, you can bring the formation of cataracts down to almost nothing.  This will help you have clearer vision for longer, and we all want to see better for as long as possible.  There are also glasses now made for sports use, so you’re literally protecting those eyes.

5. They’re Just Easy.  Contact lenses can be painful and annoying.  They rip, they’re a pain to keep clean, expensive, and once you run out – you’re out.  Glasses are simple to keep clean and easy to slap on and move through your day.  It’s nice to have options and have both, but when it comes down to it – having a nice pair of glasses you can love is the best way to go.